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What to expect as a new amputee.

The Journey...

Facing amputation may leave you with a lot of questions, concerns and uncertainty.

At Hamilton Prosthetics & Orthotics of London we are here to answer and questions and guide you along your journey of rehabilitation. With our vast knowledge and clinical experience we have successfully helped thousands of amputees live a more active and fulfilling life. This is a general description of the steps you will go through as a new amputee to receive your first prosthesis.

The Process...

After amputation an amputee is typically referred to our regional rehabilitation hospital where they are assessed by a team of health care professionals. The team consist of a Physiatrist , Clinical Prosthetist , Physical therapist , Occupational therapist Wound care specialist, Social worker and administrative staff. The team will perform a thorough examination of the patient to determine what prosthetic device is best suited for their lifestyle. This decision may vary from person to person as every candidates needs are different.


After a prosthetic device is prescribed you will meet with our clinical prosthetist and expert funding team where we will discuss the costs associated with an artificial limb. The prosthesis will be covered partially by The Assistive Devices Program and the client portion remaining may be covered through private insurance, social assistance, or other funding agencies such as WSIB, NIHB and War Amps Canada.

Hamilton Prosthetics & Orthotics is proudly a preferred vendor for WSIB and most private insurance extended health care plans.

Measurement ...

After your funding claim is approved you will meet with our clinical prosthetist for a measurement. This process is by far the most important step. The prosthetist will perform a plaster casting to create a negative mold of the residual limb. Measurements will be taken to gauge size of foot and length of prosthesis.


After all necessary modifications are made to the cast of your limb the technical team will form a preparatory socket made of adjustable plastic. You will learn to walk on this type of prosthetic socket because it is easy for the prosthetic clinician to fine tune the fit and adjust for more comfort.

Gait training...

You will attend the rehabilitation hospital for gait training. With the help of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and our clinical prosthetist you

will learn all necessary skills to live day to day life with a prosthesis.

Life with a prosthesis...

After graduating basic gait training you will go home with all of the necessary skills and tools you will need to live life with your new prosthesis. In most situations a follow up appointment will be booked to monitor your progression. You will contact us for any further adjustments or size changes. If a new fit is needed the prosthetist will book you back into the amputee clinic for further assessment with the health care team.

If you or someone you know is or has faced amputation please feel free to contact our prosthetic clinic in london to discuss any questions you may have.

You can request a free consultation to meet with our health care team by giving us a call at our office (519)432-2041 or by emailing intake at

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