Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is a prosthesis or orthosis?

With Hamilton Prosthetics & Orthotics, you will be given an up-front estimate for the cost of your prescribed prosthesis or orthosis, which can depend upon many factors. These factors can include the type of prosthesis and amputation or level of bracing needed for an orthosis. Prostheses typically increase in cost with complexity and amount of bodily coverage. Orthoses will vary in pricing according to the type of device.

How can I afford my prosthesis?

ADP (Assistive Devices Program) may pay up to 75% the cost of your prosthesis. The remaining balance may be funded by these organizations, private insurance, social assistance benefit etc. We are well versed in this type of funding and can help to answer any questions or concerns.

In order to begin the funding application process, you must first make an appointment at an ADP or WSIB registered amputee clinic. The staff, including doctors, prosthetists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapist will assess your needs and qualifications for funding.

How can I afford my orthosis or custom brace?

The first step is a referral from a surgeon, specialist, family physician, pediatrician, physiotherapist or you can call for a free consultation. Following that, we will evaluate you and provide an estimate. If you qualify, the ADP (Assistive Devices Program) may pay up to 75% the cost of your orthosis. The remaining balance may be funded by private insurance or other agencies. We have a nurse and office manager on staff that can assist with funding application and inquiries.

When can I expect to receive my prosthesis or orthosis?

Typically you can expect your prosthesis or orthosis to be completed within 2-6 weeks. Before you can receive your prosthesis or orthosis it must be casted, manufactured and fitted. We fabricate prostheses and orthoses in our in-house lab and can also accommodate quicker turn over time for special requests such as post-operative surgery etc.

Do I need to replace my prosthesis on a regular basis?

Yes. Depending upon your medical profile and lifestyle, your limb will probably need to be replaced frequently when there is a change in volume or medical condition. ADP will fund a complete prosthesis once every 3 years if required.

Do I need to replace my orthosis on a regular basis?
Yes. Depending on the shape and condition the frequency of replacement is 2 years or sooner if there is a change in size or medical condition.

With children, due to growth will need replacements more frequently to accommodate changes in size and volume and to ensure the brace is functioning properly.

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