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Contact us today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION in our wheelchair accessible healthcare clinic.

Providing Advanced Prosthetics and Artificial limbs

within London Ontario

Hamilton Prosthetics & Orthotics of London welcomes all patients with limb loss: Children or adults, recent, long-recovered, or congenital; upper limb or lower limb.  We support patients with amputations related to trauma, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, cancer, congenital, and other conditions, no matter how complex.

We offer all upper and lower limb prosthetics in conventional, waterproof, sport specific, myoelectric, microprocessor feet and knees, and the latest in bionic technology. We also provide custom silicone restorations for missing digits, partial feet, hands and cosmetic covers.  We are a source for all related supplies such as post-operative compression shrinkers, prosthetic liners, suspension sleeves, specialty socks and sheaths, and all prosthetic components including anatomical joints.

To learn more about our prosthetic devices in London,   book a free consultation today.  

We are authorized to fit and dispense:

  • Coapt™ complete control

  • Touch Bionics - I-limb hand™

  • Touch Bionics - I-digit fingers™

  • Taska prosthetics™ - the world’s first waterproof bionic prosthetic hand

  • Living skin™ - high definition cosmetic silicone

  • Bebionic™

  • Myoelectric utility hooks and hands

  • Michelangelo hand ™

  • Utah arm system™

  • Espire arm system™

  • Dynamic arm™

  • TRS Prosthetics - prosthetic sport and utility attachments

  • Kenevo, C-Leg, Genium, X3, Rheo microprocessor knees

  • Blatchford - Lynx integrated limb system

  • Ottobock - Meridium microprocessor foot

  • Ossur - Proprio foot

  • Hydraulic ankle system

  • Elevated vacuum suspension system

  • Revo-fit™ dynamically adjustable socket system

  • Custom 3D printed prosthetic cover

Assisted Devices Program Application Form


At Hamilton Prosthetic & Orthotics, we are well versed in helping you find the funding you need to pay for your prosthesis. For patients that qualify, ADP may pay up to 75% of the cost. In addition, we can also direct you to other sources of funding to help defray the cost. To find out if you qualify for this program, please complete the application and email it to to the attention of Shirley Cheng.

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