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What is the ADP (Assisted Devices Program) and how does it work?

ADP or the Assistive Devices program is a provincial program that provides funding assistance for people who have long term physical disabilities that require customized equipment.

To qualify for the program you must be a Canadian Citizen, have a valid Ontario Health Card, and must have a disability that requires equipment or supplies for 6 months or longer .

Items that may be covered through ADP are : Mobility aids, Hearing aids , communication aids, visual aids, diabetic equipment and supplies, respiratory equipment and supplies, home oxygen therapy, artificial eyes and facial prosthesis, compression garments and lymphedema pumps, feeding pumps and ostomy supplies, custom orthotic bracing and breast and limb prosthetics. There are exceptions to each category.

How often can I get funding through ADP, and how much do they cover ?

Applicants may receive a series of payments throughout the year to help cover costs.

Once fitted with your first definitive prosthetic socket you may receive funding for a replacement prosthetic every 3 years if needed ( at this time in most cases the prosthesis and components have significant wear and tear from daily use and out of factory warranty) .

If the applicant have a change in medical condition such as a revision surgery or significant growth or atrophy you may be eligible to receive funding for a replacement prosthetic socket with necessary components and supplements. The applicant would have to meet specific criteria to receive this funding and it must me medically necessary.

ADP covers 75 % of the cost of the prosthetic device ( up to a maximum). The remaining client portion may be covered by other funding sources.

If you or someone you know is in need of information regarding Ontario's ADP program, please feel free to contact our prosthetic clinic in London to relay any questions you may have.

You can request a free consultation to meet with our health care team by giving us a call at our office (519)432-2041 or by emailing intake at


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